Improve Your Memory Information

One of the most amazing organs in our body is the human brain. It has the ability to take different kinds of information and memory and places them to different locations within. Almost instantly, the brain has to be able to pull stored information like dates and telephone numbers. But sometimes, our mind also fails to retrieve needed information faster. Have you ever looked all around the house looking for your car keys then found them in your pants pocket, right where you left them? Other times you might have experience serious lapse of memory like that forgetting to complete an important assignment at the office that may not be part of your normal work routine. Good thing is you do not have to live with a memory that is not working quite as well as it once did. There are ways to improve memory fast. Whether you are a university student preparing for an important exam, or someone who wants to improve his ability to remember things in their daily life, there are a lot of things you can do which helps to fast improve your memory.

You remember the old trick of tying a string around your finger to help you remember something? While the action is funny, the reasoning for it makes sense. When you put something that is not quite normal in your environment to get your attention it creates a visual reminder to remind yourself. The important thing is you take the time to create a strong visualization for why there is a string tied around your finger in the first place. You don’t specifically have to use a string. You can use just about anything that will help you remember what is it that you are trying to remember. You may even want to switch a ring or bracelet from one hand to another or you can try to wear your watch upside down. You can do any of these things to get your attention and remind you of something.

Visualization is another great technique to help improve memory fast. The way this technique works is to create a picture in your mind and associating it to words or things you want to remember. I often use this technique in learning new vocabulary words while studying foreign languages. This is how this trick works, for example, let’s say you are about to have a date with a French lady and on your first date you want to tell her she’s beautiful. “You are beautiful,” in French, Tu es tres belle pronounced as “Too ess tray bell”. This is how you will remember. Imagine you are watching your favorites sport channel and while putting back the remote control on the table top your eyes lay on the two astray and there’s a bell beside it. Yes, “Tu ess tre bell”. Your date would be very impressed and you won’t ever forget that French line ever again. The more creative and outrageous the image you create, the more likely you’ll remember the words.

These are just some of the techniques which will help you improve your memory. If you practice this tricks everyday, you will develop a habit on it and soon you will have an easier time remembering things with much less effort.